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LEVEL 1 - Grades 6, 7 & 8
Ratio and Proportional Relationships
Ratio and Proportion

Comparing Quantities (I)

Comparing Quantities (II)

Direct and Inverse Proportions

The Number System
Knowing Our Numbers

Whole Numbers

Playing with Numbers

Opposite Signs of Numbers (Integers)



Properties of Integers

Fractions and Decimals

Introduction to Rational Numbers

Exponents and Powers

More on Rational Numbers

Squares and Square Roots

Cubes and cube roots

Laws of Exponents

Understanding Number System

Expressions and Equations

Simple Equations

Algebraic Expressions

Creating Formulas

Linear Inequations

Linear Equations in One Variable

Algebraic Expressions and Identities


Introduction to graphs

Simplification of Algebraic Fractions

Graphical Solutions of Linear Inequations

Simultaneous Linear Equation

Quadratic Equations

Relations and Mappings

Relations and Functions

Basic Geometrical Ideas

Understanding Elementary Shapes

Perimeter and Area of Plane Figures

Reflection Symmetry

Practical Geometry

Lines and Angles

The Triangle and its Properties

Congruence of Triangles

Practical Geometry (Construction of Triangles)

Area Concept of Measurement

Rotational Symmetry

Visualising Solid Shapes

Understanding Quadrilaterals

Practical Geometry (Construction of Quadrilaterals)

Visualising Solid Shapes (Extended)

Surface Area and Volumes of Solids

Statistics and probability
Data handling (I)

Data handling (II)

Data handling (III)

Discrete Mathematics
Sets and their Representation

Types of Sets

Venn Diagrams

Sets Concepts

Operations on Sets and Venn Diagrams

More on Sets