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About Mathguru

Mathguru.com is an offering of Educomp Solutions Ltd., India’s Premier education company. Incorporated in 1994, it is now the largest technology driven education company in India. For more information please check our website www.educomp.com

Mathguru.com contains pre-made lessons for students in grades 6 to 12. Primary grades P1 to P5 have just been introduced in 2013.

Full flavoured US community college math courses are available. For example, MAT 112 Financial Mathematics, MAT 120 Mathematics for the Liberal Arts: GT-MA1 and so on, 30 different courses in all.

Mathguru is a Homework Help resource and an innovative syllabus oriented online program which prepares one to score 100/100 in mathematics. This is achieved by understanding key concepts, learning from solved examples, practicing with exercise in all topics and taking tests to diagnose thoroughness of your exam preparation.

Our 4-step learning process is divided into three levels as per the list given below
Grade 6, 7 and 8 are assigned Level 1
Grade 9 and 10 are assigned Level 2
Grade 11 and 12 are assigned Level 3
When a student keys in the grade/class, the corresponding Level is displayed.
Some benefits that the students get from the Mathguru.com are listed here:
As there are over 8,500 videos available it is possible that our coverage is more than in any other school level mathematics website. Therefore, chances are that the students will be able to properly study whichever topic they desire. It is also an always available reference source.
In key concepts and solved examples, emphasis is on better explanations and deducing formulae. This is likely to help in understanding better. Concepts are well explained by numerous experts. Mathguru has do-it-yourself activities to enhance understanding of the subject and spark interest in it. DIY activities ⇒ online math lab.
Practice exercise and practices tests are designed to adequately cover key concepts in every chapter. By doing these on their own within a pre-set time, it is possible to master the subject. When studying with Mathguru.com, one gets the feeling that one is in classroom and is being taught by teacher who is solely focused on one student. One can re-play the video as many times as one needs to, without hesitation.
Once you have logged into Mathguru and clicked to the correct syllabus NCERT or Common Core State Standard of America the chapters within your assigned level (based on the class that you have selected), corresponding to specific board will get highlighted. Then select the chapter that you want to study.
When you select NCERT and then click the chapter you want to study you get (Solution to all the Problems) from the council’s official textbook and Past Years Solved Board Exam Questions.